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"Do you help with job placement? Am I guaranteed a job once I graduate?"

As in any secondary education, a job is not guaranteed to you once you've completed your schooling. However, L.I.N.E. has many relationships with different utility companies and contractors that frequently reach out to us to let us know upcoming job openings. We do our very best to help each and every student secure an apprenticeship upon completion of the program! 

"Do you accept federal aid?"

Unfortunately we are not eligible to accept federal aid. We do accept scholarships from local organizations such as workforce developments, churches, etc. 

"What is the average age of students who attend your school?" 

Typically, the average age ranges from 18-25. We do have a numerous amount of young adults (and adults as well!) that enroll in our classes. 

"Do you accept the G.I. bill as a form of payment?" 

We love our vets, thank you for our service. We are in the process of getting approved to accept the G.I. bill, please keep checking back in - we will update our website and social media as soon as we are approved!

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