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L.I.N.E. Is hands down the best school to get you ready for your career as a lineman. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and same goes for the office staff. I had an incredible experience here and would recommend it to anyone looking to start a new career. It’s the best mix of fun and learning and I’m feeling totally prepared for my future.

- Ryan C.

Fall 2020 Graduate

This is the place to be to gain the best knowledge and first hand experiences of line work. Everybody is super nice and let’s you pick their brain. And even the office Ladies will help you with anything you need! So grateful for L.I.N.E!

- Shawn L.

Fall 2020 Graduate

Attended the Fall 2020 class , absolutely loved my experience here for the short 15 week program. The program taught skills needed to begin your career in line work from your resume to climbing to your cdl. The lineman institute is 100% worth it for anyone looking to become a lineman. The teaching staff is incredible

- Nathan W.

Fall 2020 Graduate

It was the best decision to enter and join this school! I attended fall is 2020 and recently graduated and the instructors along with Brinnah and Lisa were beyond helpful throughout the journey. Definitely the best thing that I have ever done! Thank you for everything and I look forward to keeping in touch and letting you know of the success that I intend to have in this career!

- Jeffrey L.

Fall 2020 Graduate

Graduated here summer 2020, coming from a mechanical background I thought the line trade would fit me well. Very knowledgeable instructors, Don was a great teacher and mentor to all of us. I was able to get my class A cdl, climbing certification, CPR and first aid as well as my OSHA card. Learned a ton in the 15 week program and built some strong friendships along the way. I think I'm ready to go to work anywhere in the trade.

- Alexander I.

Summer 2020 Graduate

It's a great school they teach you everything you need to know (cdl, linework, resume) was able to get a job right after school. Everyone their is very knowledgeable and will answer any of your questions. If your serious about becoming a linemen I would start here.

- Kevin Ronan

Summer 2020 Graduate

I’m a recent graduate of L.I.N.E. I learned far more then I expected from the very knowledgeable instructors. The staff and students at L.I.N.E. made everyday very enjoyable, challenging and fun. It was an overall excellent experience!

- Nathaniel M.

Spring 2020 Graduate

North East Line Institute was a great 4 month program. The instructors and fellow classmates were all great people. We worked hard learned a lot and feeling prepared for work. You will make friends maybe conquer a fear or two and leave as a confident climber ready to start a career. With in a month I received my first job offer in the field! I recommend the school to anyone looking to get into the trade.

- Jordan C.

Spring 2020 Graduate

I had a great experience attending L.I.N.E and enjoyed every day training with the instructors. I learned a ton of useful information. The instructors were great with hands on training. I would recommend L.I.N.E to anyone who is willing to work hard and anyone who is looking into trade schools.

- Benjamin V.

Spring 2020 Graduate

This is a very great Lineman school. The teachers have a lot of experience and show you how to do everything. The school is very organized. Best lineman school around hands-down with great instructors and a great environment. I would recommend the school to anybody looking to be in the trade.

- Drake G.

Spring 2020 Graduate

Within only two months of graduation, I was offered an apprenticeship. This is a competitive trade to get into and I can honestly say that going to L.I.N.E. is what separated me from the other applicants. The instructors are extremely experienced in all areas of line work. The staff at L.I.N.E. also has an attitude that puts the students education, and clarity of the trade first. I highly recommend this school for anyone serious about getting into the Lineman trade.

- Michael A.

Fall 2019 Graduate

Going to LINE has proven to be an excellent choice for my family and I. Because of the location and dedication from the staff, I was able to stay near family while getting a quality education, and jump start into a rewarding career. 2 months after graduation I was offered a great job, and I couldn’t be more excited, thank you!

- Douglas F.

Fall 2019 Graduate

It's a great school with knowledgeable staff and owner. They taught us all the skills we need to be safe climbers as well as how to construct poles and lines. They even went the extra step of helping us find a job. I was employed within 3 months of graduation.

- Tony D.

Summer 2019 Graduate

Very very great school, great people, great instructors, very pleased to be part of the most recent graduating class.

- Kenneth S.

Summer 2019 Graduate

Great line school! Professional instructors that have many years of experience. The lessons taught were very relevant to the trade. It was a good experience and a good group of guys!.

- Zeus O.

Summer 2019 Graduate

If you like being outside and having a very rewarding career, look no further. This line school is the best investment you could make heading into being a journeyman. Don, the owner and class A instructor, can/ will teach you everything you need to know about being a lineman. I’m very happy I chose to attend the Linemen Institute of the North East!

- Shawn M.

Spring 2019 Graduate

I was lucky enough to be apart of the first class, The whole L.I.N.E family was nothing but great to me, I learned a lot from Don (the instructor) truly an awesome guy to work with and learn from. The girls in the office helped me get my first job with contractors and then still reached out and help me when I made my switch to a power company. I cannot thank them enough and would not be where I am today as an Apprentice without them.

- Nicholas C.

Fall 2018

Great school, even better instructor, I am currently a student and recommend it to everyone.

- Andrew S.

Fall 2018 Graduate

This is a great school, I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enter this industry. Don is an awesome and very knowledgeable instructor!

- Mark K.

Fall 2018 Graduate

Great school with a top instructor. Highly recommended to learn a great career choice.

- Michael K.

Fall 2018 Graduate