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How to Pay for School

Out of pocket/up front

Paying for the tuition out of pocket/up front is the way that most students go. After being accepted, the lab fee payment of $3,000 would be due. After being accepted, you will have up to 30 days before your preferred class to pay the rest of the amount due. When students go this route, they receive a personal loan from their bank or credit unions and pay via the loan. 

Payment plan with L.I.N.E.

A payment plan directly with Linemen Institute of the North East is also an option but is very situational based. If approved, students would need to pay 50% of full tuition and fees. Housing is not included in the payment plan (if applicable). The remaining balance is split into 4-5 payments over the course of the term. The balance must be paid off by graduation. Please call the office.


L.I.N.E. has partnered with Meritize for your student loan needs.  With a loan from Meritize, you can improve your loan terms by sharing your academic profile. Providing your transcript – whether high school, partial or full college, or previous skills-based school experience – lets Meritize use your learning history to enhance your credit evaluation and improve your loan options. Please visit www.meritize.com to get started.


We have partnered with Mia Share, a company that helps us offer innovative tuition
First, installments. The installment program consists of an upfront deposit, followed by
14 interest-free equal weekly payments throughout your training.
Next, the income share agreement (ISA). The ISA is an income based financing option.
Your payments after graduation go up and down with your earned income. With an ISA,
you are funding your education based upon your future earnings.
The benefits of funding your education with an ISA include:











Lastly, the installment/ISA hybrid. A portion of your education will be paid for during
your training through an installment, with the remainder being paid through an ISA post-
Please feel free to contact us to learn how to apply or follow the link below to see
program details https://linemeninstitute.mia-share.com/tuition-flyer

● A 5-10 minute online application with decisions returned as fast as the same day.

● No payments due until you are employed and earning $2,000 per month (pre-tax).

● Never more than 48 ISA payments.

● Pay 9.8% of your future income for a max 48 months.

● There is a payment cap, so you never pay more than the maximum amount.

● Payments are suspended with no interest or penalties if your income dips below $2,000 per month. Once your income rebounds to the minimum threshold, yourpayments resume with no penalty.