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Why L.I.N.E.?

Personalized, small classes

Our small classes make sure that each and everyone of our students are learning everything they need in order to thrive in the electrical lineman career. With classes never exceeding more than 25 students, each student will get their questions answered and never feel as though they are part of the crowd. 

Our staff, the Leiching family, all have unique experiences that help give the Linemen Institute its own personal touch:


  • Our instructor, Donald, has a 33+ year career as an electrical lineman and manager. He has built a strong foundation and reputable history to run a successful class.

  • Nanci, our office manager and CEO, has been helping her husband (Donald) and two children prepare for jobs and interviews for 28 years. Striving to help students leave lasting impressions, Nanci fully understands the importance of resumes and interview etiquette.

  • Brinnah, our Communications Coordinator (and Donald and Nanci's daughter), graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2018. With her bachelor's in communication studies, she manages L.I.N.E.'s social media pages and oversees promotions. Additionally, Brinnah is the student liaison for prospective, current, and former students.

L.I.N.E. students never leave without a plan. We have connections with several power companies in the north east and beyond, and we do everything in our ability to help students land a job. If they have trouble finding a job after graduation, we work with them every step of the way to help them achieve the job of their dreams.

Individual Experiences

You will be always be a part of our team