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Who we are

Our COO, founder, and instructor, Donald, has a 33+ year career as an electrical lineman and manager. Donald started his career in Maryland and travelled all over the country working various journeyman lineman positions. He has taught classes on safety and the several utilities he has worked and continues to stress the aspect of safety everyday on the job. He has built a strong foundation and reputable history to run a successful class.


As Chief Executive Officer, Nanci works the “behind the scenes” magic. From interfacing with town executives, to retaining the proper counsel for the particular issues that need to be counseled on, to searching out the best contractor for the job that needs to be done she utilizes word-of-mouth, social media and the internet to get the job done. Along with developing and implementing operational procedures and policies to ensure that Linemen Institute of the North East stays true to its founding principles in all aspects of its operation, Nanci works hard to keep our mission to educate and train the linemen of tomorrow as our top priority.



Luke has worked a variety of different lineman jobs all over the country. Most recently, he worked as a transmission journeyman lineman in Nebraska. He volunteered to go to Haiti in 2015 for an International Rural Electrification Project where he helped create awareness for electrical safety. Luke is experienced in electrical safety and understands that creating an atmosphere where everyone gets along is imperative to safety and success.

Lisa, our Office Coordinator, has worked in the office environment almost her entire career. Responsible for the day to days, Lisa makes sure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently. We are lucky to have Lisa's expertise in our office and have her help us as we move along.

Office Coordinator



Rachel, our Communications Coordinator, manages L.I.N.E.'s social media pages and oversees promotions. Additionally, she is the student liaison for prospective, current, and former students. She graduated from Tusculum University in 2018 and went on to gain experience in sports advertising and college admissions. 

Communications Coordinator



Jim began his career at Central Hudson in 1989. After holding several positions within the company, he was able to take a lineman position 6 years after starting at the company. He worked through his progression to become a journeyman and then a working foreman. 

John, our newest team member, was a lineman for the Metro-North Railroad for around 21 years. 

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